Reflective Tape

Various Colors of Reflective Tape

Vibrant reflective tape, with a tough, permanent self adhesive base that will adhere to virtually anything to provide a visual warning.

We now provide reflective tape in rolls on its own, after much demand as previous to that it was just a constituent to our other materials.

We apply a non water-based adhesive to the tape, which means it will not break down, proven by many environmental tests. The pressure-sensitive adhesive is protected during preparation, and everything else up to application, with a laminated paper backing.

Hazard Reflective Tape

Reflective Tape Colors available are:

• Red

• Orange

• Blue

• Green

• Yellow

• Silver/White

• Hazard Black/Yellow

• Hazard Red/White

For more information on reflective tape, please contact us by phone on 877 900 8359 or email us at for more information.