Various Rolls of Non Slip Tape

Welcome to Heskins LLC! – The Anti Slip Specialists

At Heskins LLC, we can offer you the widest range of non slip tape and floor marking materials in America, offering various widths, lengths, shapes, colors and grades, you can be sure that we have the right anti slip solution for you!

Here you can find out more info about some of the best quality non slip material in the industry. Our anti slip tape is manufactured using the latest technology to ensure this, and we are always educating ourselves, as well as you, the customer, about the advancement in anti slip tape manufacturing. We offer many bespoke solutions, be it width, length, shape or color, we can supply non slip tape and floor marking materials specific to you or your businesses needs.  ( Please enquire about order quantity for this )

We have excellent lead times, shipping our non slip tape internationally to a large customer base, with various shipping options available dependent on your needs.

Please peruse the website, and enjoy your stay!

Our Anti Slip Products Include:

safety grip

Aqua safe tape is a standard grip-type tape, suitable for areas exposed to water.
anti slip bolt down plates

Anti Slip bolt down plates are ideal for application in areas where anti slip tape is not suitable.
glow in the dark tape

Glow in the Dark Tape for visual warning and to create a glow in the dark anti slip surface.

PermaStripe is the world’s toughest floor marking tape.


Anti Slip Tapes improve traction on indoor/outdoor stairs, ramps and other locations.

reflective tape

Reflective Tape improves safety in low-visibility situations.
non slip bath mats

Non slip bath mats solve the risky problem of slipping in baths or showers.

anti slip mats

Anti slip mats prevent slippages and spills in industrial & commercial environments.


Skateboard grip tape has a fine 80 grit finish to ensure great control whilst on the board.